Why choose us for PCB design?

We provide PCB design and layout services using Open Source Kicad software. We chose open source because of its technical capability, democratic nature; everyone can have access to it and also because it is being continually updated and refined.

Schematic Capture

The first stage of any design, creating the schematic that will drive the project. We will create from scratch using your sketch or existing design.

Netlist & Footprint Design

From the schematic to Netlist creation and the assignment of the PCB footprints. We make sure that the layout is accurate and manufacturable.

PCB Layout & Gerber Creation

The PCB layout that will meet your project needs and the Gerber file creation enabling PCB manufacture along with the placement information for assembly.

We'll provide consultation for your program

Our Service:

  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Provision
  • On demand consulting
  • Private consultant