Who are we?

We are a small team of Engineers who have been working in the electronics industry for over 20 years. With past experinence in designing PCBs with old school coloured tape and acetate, the coming of computer aided PCB design was fantastic (remember Easy PC and the first ORCAD?). Time away from Engineering broadened horizons and skills. On returning to electronics and PCB design in 2009 it was clear that the Open Source software scene had changed things dramatically.

The Open Source software available was a game changer. Now anyone with the right skills could create a professional printed circuit board and have it made easily and quickly. We tried a number of packages before settling on Kicad. It is robust, runs on multiple platforms and of course the price is hard to beat being free!

The Open Source Nature of the software means that the end user can take back control of their tools and it means that our customers can (if they wish) review the layout within the design package. To learn more about Kicad software itself take a look at the main web site at http://kicad-pcb.org/. The software started its life as a development by staff at the CERN facility and it has an active community of users and contributors.

PCB Design That Works For You

Common PCB Styles

  • ‌Single layer PCBs for low cost applications
  • Double layer board for screening
  • Four layer boards for power distribution
  • Six layer boards for multiple power rails
  • Board material and thickness can be varied

A Client Says

“The design for the gear shift PCB worked perfectly. I'm very happy with the overall result. ”
Tim Perry.